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Frederika Fall Festival

Frederika Fall Festival
47522 McHarg Road

About Us:

The Allen family has been farming in the Avondale, CO area for three generations.  "Daddy Bill" and "Mommy Bill" started the farm and ranch after relocating from Rocky Ford, CO.  Their five children worked on the farm and ranch as they grew up.  When Daddy Bill passed away in 1969 his son Laurence (also known as LE) bought the farm from his siblings.  Their daughter, Bet, now lives here and has kept the farming going.

Two years ago Bet investigated ideas that would help keep the farm going.  One of those ideas was a corn maze.  Corn has been grown on the farm throughout its ownership by the Allen family and was currently being grown by the local farmer who rented the land.  In addition to a corn maze she decided to develop a pumpkin patch and then thought about pumpkin 'flinging'!  Her goal is to provide a family friendly activity that would also educate and inform guests about the incredible value that the small family farm provides to our country.

This is the inaugural year for the Frederika Fall Festival but she is already planning for the future - with new activities planned for subsequent years.

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