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Galloping Grace Youth Ranch

Galloping Grace Youth Ranch
1500 Sea Road North East

Our Mission:

Galloping Grace Youth Ranch is a place where kids lead kids while learning how to raise livestock, grow crops, explore the outdoors, and enrich the community.

Our Vision:

We are cultivating healthy children today so they will harvest a healthy society tomorrow.

Our purpose at Galloping Grace Youth Ranch is to bring pure joy to children. We believe that children experience Pure Joy from having fun while learning, interacting, leading, and serving. No matter what changes may occur in our programs, this central purpose will always run through the heart of our mission and will be the driving force and litmus test for everything we do.

Our organization will offer and promote programs in which children are involved in raising animals, growing crops, exploring the outdoors, and enhancing the community. GGYR will function as a working, sustainable farm/ranch, where children are empowered to lead, teach, work, and play alongside others. It is our firm belief that children learn best if they enjoy what they are doing.  Because of this, we will strive to infuse joy into all of our activities.

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