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Gilby's Orchard

Gilby's Orchard
30069 State Hwy 210

About Us:

We have grown over the years from 300 trees in 2004 to over 4500 trees in 2010 with some of the "Best Apples Available in the World"

We started our Aitkin, MN Orchard in 2004 planting 300 dwarf and semi trees to consist of Zestar, Chestnut Crab, Honeycrisp, Sweet 16, Harlasen and Harlared.  We had so much fun with the first 300 trees that we have planted an additional 300 trees consisting of SweeTango, Frostbite, Fireside, Cortland and McIntosh. After seeing how much fun we were having, my brother, his wife and family planted an additional 4000 trees in Browersville and Farmington, MN over the last 5 years.

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