Great Vermont Corn Maze

1404 Wheelock Road

The actual corn maze covers 10 acres with approximately 3 miles of trails lined with 10 - 12' towering walls of corn. The maze is also situated on a hill, which allows for fantastic views and keeps the trails from getting too wet after the rain, however, this can also become a workout. Most visitors spend 2 - 5 hours on the property enjoying the different attractions.

We sell candy, popcorn, water, soda, juice and ice cream novalties.

We do not sell lunch food.


Priscilla Barry-Gillilan

Monday, Jan. 15, 2018

So much fun! We attempt every year with the family and have yet to solve it. A great outdoor activity in the summer/fall. We can't wait to try again next season!

Robyn Latta

Monday, Nov. 13, 2017

Went to the haunted corn maze and it was great. It's incredibly well done and extremely elaborate. It's definitely a long drive from Burlington area but very worth it. We arrived right around the opening hours on the last night and there was a bit of a wait after you get bused down to the start of it. They had a magician and snacks available for purchase while you're waiting which was good. The only downside to this was that you're in an almost entirely enclosed building while waiting in line, and the snack shack was constantly burning something so it was very hard to breath at times due to the smoke. I'd recommend ventilating it more.

Matt Sagerstrand

Sunday, Sep. 3, 2017

I would give them 10 stars if I could. An experience we'll keep coming back for every year. My son and I love coming here and it's one of our favorite activities to do. Definitely something we look forward to all year. Everyone here is so friendly and we always end up meeting all kinds of great people, working together to solve the maze. Can't wait for next year!

Elliott Russell

Wednesday, Aug. 9, 2017

This is truly a corn maze like no other. I didn't even know my husband liked corn mazes until we found this one. It is seriously easy to get lost in and full of fun surprises. I live in South Carolina and we're already planning on coming back and bringing my parents with us. Just be warned you will be in there for a while and bring lots of water, and probably snacks if you have little ones.

Fred Hillhouse Jr

Wednesday, Sep. 27, 2017

This is my second corn maze and it was a-maze-ing. We, 4 adults (ages 25-55), took about 3 hours and 4 miles of walking effort and luck along with some deduction to complete the maze. Go back again in the future? Yes! If you go, wear shoes that are comfy for uneven ground. Bring liquid. I wore a hydration pack and it was needed. Hit the toilets before starting as there are no toilets in the maze. Snacks are nice too. As fun as the maze is, it is not age-appropriate for everyone. After a while of walking through corn stalks, the youngest get tired of walking and many others get bored. The website hints speak volumes! Enjoy!