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Happy Day Farm

Happy Day Farm
106 Iron Ore Road


How Happy Day Farm was started. In 2004 my wife and I were blessed with the arrival of our beautiful daughter Trinity.  In 2006, when Trinity was 2 years old, I thought it would be a great idea to grow a pumpkin patch so we took a ride to Manalapan Hardware, bought a few packets of pumpkin seeds, and planted them in a 30 X 30 garden.  To my surprise, our pumpkin patch was very successful. One Sunday in October when the pumpkins were ready for harvest my daughter and I went over to pick the pumpkins, we took pictures and were overjoyed and delighted over the growth of our patch.That day, I had an idea that next year we would make the pumpkin patch larger and start an October Fest party and invite all of our family and friends.

In 2007, we doubled our pumpkin patch to a 60 x 60 garden and again had a successful year growing our pumpkins. That year we were unable to have our October Fest because my wife and I were once again blessed with the arrival of our son Liam. In 2008, with the success of growing pumpkins the past 2 years I decided to grow yet another pumpkin patch but this time on 1-acre of land. We were finally able to have our October Fest with family and friends who enjoyed a fun fall farm day.  In 2009, with our success of growing pumpkins I decided to try my hand at my first corn maze. To my surprise the corn maze was a success and this too became a part of our now annual October Fest.  As you can imagine as our family and friends grew, our October Fest has continued to become larger and larger. In 2010 I decided to turn my success, love for growing pumpkins, the corn maze and my love for planting the earth’s fruit, into my passion to open Happy Day Farm. Make Happy Day Farm a part of your fall family tradition this season — a farm-centered experience where memories are made!

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