Long And Scott Farms


At Long & Scott Farms, Inc, farming is in our blood. It's what our family has been doing for generations. We hope you will visit our Country Market & Cafe, and check-out our local grown produce. Come get lost in our 7 acres of field corn. Get to know us and enjoy what we have to offer.

About Us

Frank Scott, Jr. and Billy Long grew up on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Billy, who had been a Zellwood "muck farmer" for years, talked Frank into coming to Florida in 1963. Frank D. Scott, Jr., along with his wife Becky and their three children, Hank, Marks and Rebecca, moved to Florida to establish Long & Scott Farms on 100 acres of land.

For the next 30 plus years Frank expanded Long & Scott Farms to 1,200 acres as they produced Zellwood Sweet Corn, pickling cucumbers and both red & green cabbage, along with a variety of other produce. Following the sale of the Apopka muck farms in 1998, Billy Long moved on to retirement, while Frank Scott semi-retired. He still oversees operations at the farm each day, while his son Hank now manages the farm. Frank's daughter, Rebecca Scott Ryan manages Scott's Maze Adventures and his youngest son Marks, who also once worked at the farm, manages his own nursery, PlowBoys Horticulture,along with his wife, Mary. Hank's children, Sonny and Haley represent the 4th generation of the Scott family's  farming tradition and they remain proud of their history and land which they have overseen for close to 50 years.


Erin Bailey Smith

Sunday, Dec. 10, 2017

Great place. Took our girl scout troop on the last day of the corn maze. Was half off. Kids loved it. Playground, maze, giant slide, air tunnel and zip line, bounce area all included with general admission. Able to buy hayride, fishing and concessions. Also they sell patches as well of you need fun patches for a troop.

Audrey Warren

Sunday, Oct. 22, 2017

Be prepared! In late October it was very hot! Bring water, umbrellas for shade, hats, etc to keep cooler. There is a lot to do here for kids and as 2 adults, we still had fun. However, I may wait until later in the year next time...or when a cooler front moves in. There are a few vendors to buy drinks or snacks and a little market that sells fresh vegetables and jams. They have different mazes and a hayride, too. The hayride is extra but the other mazes are included in the entrance fee. When starting, they herd you into a small hot building to watch a "safety" video and then let you loose...through a cement tunnel. We did not find everything, got too hot, but had a fun afternoon.

Sara Murray

Sunday, Oct. 22, 2017

Its that time of the year ya'll ! Come out and visit the farm. Fresh produce available for purchase, lots of festive activities for everyone to enjoy. Must try the corn maze, its one of my favorite things to to when visiting the farm. This is a good place to take autumn pictures with the whole family. They offer something for everyone in the family.

Vmrcmg 15

Tuesday, Nov. 14, 2017

Called today, the lady they have answering the phones is so RUDE. Sure my situation was a bit confusing and I didn’t have all my details correct however, she was extremely rude for no reason. I remained polite the entire time, I was just trying to follow up about a refund check. Turns out I had the wrong place because we had went to their farm the same day but they were too busy so we said we’d come back sometime. Went down the road and got overcharged, that’s where I need the refund from. However, since the beginning of the call with that lady she was so nasty to me when I was just politely following up. I found out right after hanging up (she had to check with Rebecca who handles refunds) I realized I had the wrong company. I called back to tell her this and explained that due to her rude behavior though, we will not be visiting during a slower time. I apologized for the confusion and told her that she was extremely rude to me for no reason. She ended up hanging up on when that’s all I said. Said one sentence of due to your rudeness on the phone with me, we will not be visiting your farm...she hung up. I wasn’t showing any rudeness, anger or any attitude toward her. I was polite the entire time. No apology. Nope, she hung up on me. I feel like trying to call back to speak to her manager or the owner unless that’s her, but feel like she would hang up on me again...RUDE customer service, sucks...I really wanted to go back when it slowed down. Oh well.

Nicholas Aguirre

Saturday, Nov. 18, 2017

It's a cute little Corn Festival. They have a few things to keep the kids entertained and the people there are nice. Overall a pretty nice experience for a weekend.