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March Farm

March Farm
160 Munger Lane


March Farm is a fourth generation family farm located in Bethlehem among the beautiful rolling hills of Litchfield County. Purchased in 1915 by Thomas and Rose Marchukaitis, the farm consisted of 114 acres and supported 15 cows and 2 horses. In 1937 Thomas and Rose's son Matthew and his wife Anastasia bought the land and stock. At that time a diversified farm was started and was operated as such for many years. The first tractor was purchased in 1939.

During the 1940's poultry and dairy barns were added to accommodate 50 cows and approximately 600 chickens. During the 1950's 14 acres of adjoining land was purchased and apple orchards were planted. Throughout the next 3 decades stock and fruit production were increased until there were 100 dairy cattle, 40 acres of fruit trees, 5 acres of blueberries, and many acres of sweet corn, cabbage, potatoes, squash, pumpkins, and other vegetables and hay.

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