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Preston Farms

Preston Farms
92 Route 2

About Us

Preston Farms is a family owned and operated dairy farm, since 1923. It was established by Andrew and Anastasia Grabarek, European immigrants who came to the United States, passing the Statue of Liberty and through Ellis Island, seeking a better life. Their dream was to own their own farm.

Andrew and Anastasia bought their farm and struggled and sacrificed to pay the mortgage and raise a young family. Through their hard work and with the help of their four young children, Hermie, Jenny, Annie and Joey, they were able to succeed and realize their American Dream.

The family farmed plowing with horses and peddling milk with a horse and wagon. Shown, is a picture of Andrew tilling a field with his team of horses in the early 1930's. The couple continued to love and work their land for nearly 65 years.

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