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Remicks Orchard

Remicks Orchard
18978 Lake George Blvd. NW

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Remick’s Orchard: Apples, Grapes, and Seasonal Vegetables since 1935.

We hope that your experience here is just as enjoyable as we have had creating it just for you.

I’m Donna Wasnick Remick and with the help of my husband Chuck we have created what we are hoping to be your new fall destination stop.

Our history begins on June 15, 1935 as my grandparents Michael Demitry and Lena Pelecacz  Wasnick purchased this 80 acre parcel of land.

Mainly potatoes were grown years ago in what is now the wetlands in the back west of this property. The open section which is now the orchard and vineyard, primarily were  planted with a necessary crop for the farm animals, hay.

I often wondered why they would buy this property as being quite poor, the property was heavy with trees, but even back then burning wood was a necessity as it was during the Great Depression.

Then one day as I looked at the property abstract, I realized just why. Remember the date they purchased the property? Well, I was born June 15, 1953 ( please do not share that date unless you are bringing birthday presents) Ironic isn’t it. It was destiny that I do something fitting in their memory.

Our vineyard is the Heritage Farm. Each row of grapes has a bottle of wine created with a label in their honor beginning with grandma. Why grapes? Lena came from the Ukraine as a extremely poor immigrant. With her first son on her hip and pregnant with another, her apron hem was filled with grape seeds sewn in. We have determined these were Concord or of similar type.

We have labeled each row in memory of a family member by their first name and middle name along with their birth year. Row # 1 is Lena Pelecacz 1889  Fitting as I believe she was the most important but I am partial to strong women!

Row # 2 is Michael Dimitry 1885 and so on for each aunt and uncle including my dad John Michael 1917. There is a row for me ( thats the 1953) then to my son Bryce Charles 1978 and my 2 grandsons Tyler Charles 2001 and Aidan Michael 2004. There is even room for great grandchildren!

The purpose of the Heritage farm is to honor the past, present and future, plus the wine labels are pretty cool also.

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