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Severs Fall Festival

Severs Fall Festival
3121 150th Street West


It all started with our corn maze: the second ever cut in the United States and the first—and still largest—in Minnesota. Back in 1997, many thought we were crazy to create one, but what began with a few stalks of corn has grown into an annual tradition for thousands of families around the region.

Fun fact: The first year of the corn maze saw about 5,000 attendees, with the only other “attraction” being a table where we sold cookies. Today, Sever’s Fall Festival draws about 20x as many people and hosts an ever-expanding list of attractions including corn pits, jumping pillows, petting zoos, playgrounds, live shows, zip lines, pumpkin patches, local artisans, food vendors, beer, wine and more.

Each season, we cut our corn maze by hand (without using GPS) to ensure a clear and accurate design. We also work year-round to add new activities and entertainment to the Fall Festival lineup, always with the goal of bringing more families and friends in to enjoy this beloved fall tradition. We sincerely appreciate your support and patronage of Sever’s Fall Festival.

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