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The Farmstead Corn Maze And Pumpkin Festival

The Farmstead Corn Maze And Pumpkin Festival
1020 South Rackham Way
(208) 921-1741

It seems like just yesterday we were trying out a new and unproven concept a cornfield transformed into a game board with live people as the players. The odds were stacked against us. We had the resources of a college student and a crazy idea. By all conventional wisdom it would never work. Our solution was to put every bit of energy and willpower into being the best and delivering an unforgettable experience to our patrons.

 It is a story that lives on today. Our oldest daughter, who in the early days fell asleep nightly to the purr of a hayride tractor, now squeezes in homework between shifts at the ticket booth. As The Farmstead has grown over the years, we have been blessed to find other families and individuals who have caught the vision and put their heart and soul into delivering a wonderful experience to our patrons. We are fortunate to share the behind-the-scenes experience with our extended Farmstead family.

In those early days, we knew that we were not entitled to any success. If this idea were to work, it would be a direct product of innovation, hard work, and a healthy share of good luck. As we've watched others come and go in the marketplace, we continue to feel the drive to be the leader in farm-based entertainment. Our family relies entirely on our small Kuna/Meridian farm where we grow corn, wheat, and run The Farmstead. We swap ideas with farmers in other states to stay on the leading edge of agritourism. We invest in quality signs and put our pride into designing and cutting a world-class corn maze every year. We try lots of ideas some fly and some flop but that is the price of being a leader. Through it all, we strive to put our best foot forward.

For those of you who have been with us for a generation, it has been quite a ride. The rest of you, we invite to come and see what it's all about this fall. When you do, be sure to say "hi" to Jim or Hillary (we are always there) or any of our other trusted team members. We welcome you to our farm and we promise to continue striving for excellence.

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